Dear Friends and Family,


As we prepare for our new lives together as a married couple, we are fortunate in that we already have almost everything we need to live together comfortably, having lived in Madison for many years. There are only a few things here and there that we need to enhance our lives; most importantly, one thing we can always use more of are memories and special moments together. Our next goal is to buy a house!


One of the best gifts we can ask for is the gift of a new home in the near future - so we ask for your support in helping us get started with saving for a house.


This registry is dedicated to the opportunity for us meet that goal. Thank you for helping us build our future together. We appreciate your support!


 ** Please note: There will be an additional 7% service charge to your donation total. If you prefer to gift us in person the day of our wedding to avoid the extra charge, that will be fine. **


Much love,

Zoua and Teng